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An unspoilt environment is integral to our way of life. Our export businesses rely on our clean and safe reputation. By staying true to these values we will generate more jobs and prosperity. New Zealand can lead the way beyond oil slick economics to a clean energy future.

Our prosperity and way of life is closely tied to the health of our environment. The ability to swim in clean rivers and know that when we catch a fish it’s safe to eat is the very definition of Kiwi prosperity. What is more, 70% of our export economy relies on the truth of our reputation for being a clean and safe source of food and products. As the world cries out for alternatives to dependence on dirty energy, New Zealand has a chance to be at the forefront of the new clean energy future.

We stand to unleash a $150 billion clean economy if only our government would back Kiwi ingenuity over foreign oil companies. Yet subsidies for fossil fuels have increased seven fold in five years and risks to our core environmental credentials from oil spills, toxic fracking and effluent polluted rivers are increasing. New Zealand belongs on the forefront of innovating the solutions essential to addressing climate change. We can generate more jobs and greater economic prosperity by being true to our clean green values. It’s time to get free of polluted water and dirty energy. It’s time to get some real, long-term prosperity.


Our Prosperity is being undermined by:

  • Dirty energy and mining subsidies
  • Unsustainable farming
  • Lack of support for clean, green innovation
  • Seeing Kyoto and climate policy as a hindrance rather than an incentive to economic innovation