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Transparent government should be a cornerstone of the Kiwi way. Yet backroom deals with oil companies see our rights taken away and our environment sold out. It’s time to reclaim open and honest government that works for its people, not for big business.

We regard ourselves as a highly trustworthy people and rank well on international surveys for having low levels of corruption. Despite our smallness we are proud to punch above our weight in the world. We are not a nation to shy away from doing our bit when there is a principle at stake, such as opposing French nuclear testing in the Pacific. Our good reputation is maintained by our word being our deed. Honesty and integrity and the sincerity of our claims should be defining characteristics of any New Zealand government.

Yet our clean and green reputation has taken an international hammering recently. A year ago, the Prime Minister commented flippantly that 100% Pure should be taken with “a grain of salt”. With our environmental health ranking slipping to 14th in the world, questions are being asked as to the authenticity of New Zealand’s 100% Pure brand. Closer to home, back-room deals with oil companies were revealed to be the reason for the ban on protest at sea.

Governments should operate for the people, with integrity. It is time for us to reclaim our good name in the world by making clean and pure an authentic status and replacing dirty back room deals with open and honest government for the people.


Our Integrity is being undermined by:

  • Dodgy backroom deals with oil companies.
  • Energy Minister Simon Bridges was accused of misleading parliament when he denied industry influence on the government’s decision to ban protest at sea.
  • PM and Tourism Minister John Key downplaying clean green as merely a marketing exercise
  • Selling out on international climate change commitments.