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Get Active and Get Free

The time has come to reclaim New Zealand’s future. Let’s uphold our democratic freedoms and pursue long-term jobs and prosperity based on clean energy, without risking our environment and way of life.

It’s time to send a clear message to the government that we won’t stand by while our right to protest is curbed and our land and waters are put at risk with dirty and dangerous deep sea oil drilling and more mining.

So join the campaign to Stop Deep Sea Oil and Get Free!



Get Active. Get Connected. Get Organised.

Why? Because this is a movement fuelled by people power!

Connect with an active group in your region. If there is no active group in your area then set up your own and list it on the Groups page on

Or get your own friends, whanau, community group, mums’ network, church, rugby club or whatever group you are part of on board and get active using some of the ideas listed below.

Or be a lone ranger campaigner!
If you’re not so keen on groups, individuals can take inspiration the ideas we’ve listed below – so there’s no excuse for not joining the movement!


Get Visible

Why? Because showing your opposition will help win the national debate and stop deep sea oil in NZ for good.

Make a sign and get it up in your front yard. Ask people who live in key areas like beachfront properties and busy roads to put one up too. Keep it simple, funny and family-friendly.

Download a poster or make your own and put it up in your window.
Take it further and ask your local cafe, business, workplace, church etc. to put one up too.

You can download a Get Free visibility pack, or order a hard copy pack and we’ll post it out free of charge. Click here to get yours now.


Get heard

Why? – Because it’s vital that our communities understand the issues and risks of deep sea oil drilling and you can play a key part in that.

Get talking to your friends and family. Then step it up a notch and call your local radio station or write into your local newspaper. One really effective way to give your opinion political power is by visiting your local MP – check out this guide and this story for some inspiration!

Danielle and Leroy

I have no history in activism, rallying protests, painting signs, giving public talks, nor do I have any history of meeting MPs. We are a bunch of everyday pissed off New Zealanders.

I met with Labour MP David Clarke for an hour, and took my friend Leroy. We had no notes, we were nervous, and in hindsight, we didn’t need to be at all. I’d do it again and again and again; it’s so easy!

It wasn’t an interview, a quiz session, or a chance for them to talk nitty gritty bureaucratic blaming. We told him that we are working to stop drilling, and he asked why. We’re going to meet him again, we are in email contact with him, and we have other MPs who are next on our menu.

Step it up another notch and host a dinner party with a difference,  a film night, a lunch at your work, a gig… whatever you can think of to get people engaged!

Check out the links under the Get Informed section below to get up to date with the facts, figures and responses to mainstream arguments so you can successfully convince even the most stubborn family members that deep sea oil sucks!


Peaceful Action

There will be crucial moments when political decisions made throughout the movement will need challenging and it will be up to local communities and groups to bring attention to them. There are many tried and true examples of Non-Violent Direct Action so start googling and find some inspiration.


Get theatrical

Here’s a few ideas that have been successfully carried out by groups around Aotearoa so far:

Action Against Oil Exploration in NZ

  • Get Oily and get out there with flyers in places where there are lots of people gathered like your local market, transport hub, busy beach, festivals etc. Use our non-toxic recipe:
  • Do a mock beach clean-up. It’s coming into summer so everyone’s heading to the beach! Mock beach clean-ups really bring the reality of the risks of a deep sea oil spill home to beach goers.
  • Perform street theatre in your town centre like a Texan Showdown, a satirical spill clean-up or an oily puppet show!

And always make sure you’ve got a fistful of these flyers Deep Sea Oil Drilling Flier with you for curious passers-by.


Get informed

Understanding the issues we face and what we can do about them is essential. In this section, you’ll find links explaining why deep sea oil drilling is such a threat to NZ’s future, as well as a roadmap for how we can move beyond fossil fuels to to a booming, clean energy future.

  • Learn more about the risks of deep sea oil drilling here.
  • Discover award winning photojournalist John Wathen’s eye-witness account of the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.
  • If you’d like to use the film for your own presentations or public meetings, you can download here.
  • Check out the roadmap for a clean energy future in NZ and read the full report, The Future is Here: New Jobs, New Prosperity and a New Clean Economy.


Get in touch

If you want to bounce some ideas off us or let us know what you have been up to, send us a message or your pictures and video to We’d love to hear from you!