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Clean & Pure

Deep sea drilling threatens our oceans. Over half of our rivers are too polluted for swimming, and conservation land is to be mined. It’s time to live up to our 100% pure reputation and get free from environmental destruction fuelled by greed.

Our unspoiled environment is at the heart of what makes Aotearoa New Zealand a great place to live. Open spaces, winding rivers, spectacular landscapes, clean beaches and prehistoric forests define Gods Own to the rest of the world.

Securing and maintaining the integrity of our clean and pure lands and waters for the long term should be a core responsibility of any government. Yet the majority of our rivers are now unswimmable, rare conservation land is to be mined and our deepest oceans are to be drilled – putting our coasts at risk of disastrous oil spills. Rather than trashing our nest and neglecting our responsibilities as kaitiaki/guardians of our land and seas, it is time for our environment to be freed from greedy and reckless destruction.


Clean and Pure is being undermined by:

  • High risk deep sea oil drilling
  • Toxic fracking on land
  • Failure to protect the world’s rarest dolphin (Maui’s)
  • Pulling out of the world’s most important climate agreement (Kyoto)
  • Increased subsidies to fossil fuel industry
  • Massive expansion of motorway building
  • More polluting dairy farming
  • Mining on conservation land
  • Reduced funding for DoC
  • Gutting of the RMA